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Welcome to Mejja Publishing

MeJjA Publishing is a small publishing house specializing in electronic publishing of books, magazines and serials. Our current e-pub serials are:

We are accepting submissions for graphic novel consideration. Submitt your story line and artwork sample to the submission email.

Bric-a-brac Magazine - a steampunk, dieselpunk, and clockwork e-reader magazine collection of short stories, novellas, poetry and illustrations.

Realms Magazine - a science fiction and fantasy e-reader magazine collection of short stories, novellas, and illustrations.

We are developing several other e-reader magazines. The first is Searchlight Literature, which will be a general literature publication containing short stories, novellas, poetry, and essays. The second is a horror/supernatural/paranormal e-reader magazine the title has not been decided as of yet. We are also developing a romance publication, mystery/crime publication.

An exciting idea that is in the works is a poetry e-reader magazine with voting online for each issues best poetry. Followed by a vote on the years best poet and piece of poetry.

We are taking submissions for all genre and future publications.